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Camps and trips
Competitions and fests
Youth Center Nucet
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Camps and trips

During the last few years, the pupils from the Rosia School have benefited of many free camp programs. These free camps were offered by sponsors and loyal friends of the school and commune. Through the care of the mayor’s office, over 100 children went every year, for one week, in a free camp at Carari, Alba county. The students from Casolt with outstanding school results were able to receive free summer camps too. They were history related summer camps and were possible thanks to the donations made by friends like ca Gail Harris, Dorothy Fraser, Stanley Tucker or the Association Deventer-Roemenie.

The school trips made with the students of Rosia school took place both locally and outside the county, having the main purpose of seeing historical objectives, natural monuments, or cities in the surrounding area.

Competitions and fests

The culture-based, agricultural themed or sports contests were always the salt and pepper of the meetings between the pupils from the structures that form the Rosia School. No matter who lost or won, the absolute winner was always the competitive spirit mixed with fair-play and health. From our traditional contests, we mention the annual agriculture and zootechny contest that takes place with the support of the Agricultural Direction Sibiu, but also the Villanova cross or the annual football championship between the teams from Rosia, Nou, Daia and Casolt that attracts many students and teachers alike. A very popular contest turned out to be the informatics contest, that attracts more and more competitors each year.
During this school year we have a program of extracurricular activities – festivities and contests such as:
“Halloween”- October
“December 1st- National Day”
“Christmas festivity”
“January 15th- Eminescu’s day”
“January 24th- Union Day”
“8th of March – Mother’s day”
“June 1st – Children’s Day”
Carnival -25 February 2011
Teenager’s Ball – 6 May 2011
Villanova Cup- october 2011
Football tournament
Ping-pong contest
“Opened Gates Day - April”
“Art Circle – Rosia, pupils 5th grade to 8th grade”
“Popular dancing formations - Daia, Nou, pupils 5th grade to 8th grade”

Youth Center Nucet

The project entitled “Creation and development of a youth center in Nucet, Rosia commune” will be implemented by the European Association Thalheim Rumanien in collaboration with The Mayor’s Office of Rosia.
The main objective of the project is to create the infrastructure needed to develop youth activities. The Youth Center is a formation and information center for the young people with the purpose of preparing them for a modern society. This is a permanent project and wants to raise the implication of young people in the economical, cultural and social life of the community and to vary the offer for services and programs destined to the youth.
The creation of the Center will be implemented by restoring the former Nucet school building – repairs will be made both on the outside and the inside (renovation of the roof, painting, replacing the old floor, replacing the windows and doors with modern ones, installing central heating). Also, the yard space outside the building needs ambient arrangements.
The Youth Center’s mission is to bring a plus of value to the society, helping the professional formation of young people, by developing and diversifying the information they receive, the counseling and the consultancy they receive, all in order to prepare them for a modern open society.

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