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    You are here, so now you are with us- online, too!
In here you will find information about us and, if you have questions or suggestions you may contact us.

Our school wants to make each of its students feel competent, to create a space of self respect and respect towards the others, to ensure a free, harmonious and integral development of human individuality, to form an autonomous and creative personality.

How will we succeed?
Through the hard work, as a team, that both teachers and students do during the over 30 hours/grade every week, for the entire school year and sometimes during the holidays too. Our motto is "Per aspera ad Astra", meaning that only through hard, persevering work we can reach the stars, make our dreams come true.

We work only in the morning.
School starts at 8 o’clock and classes end in the afternoon, at 15:00 at the latest.

Our school wants to create young people with a winning mentality, people that will find their place in the society and will become support pillars for their family and community.



Friday, 18 of February, a news about our school was broadcast at ProTV, about the project financed by Ovidiu Rom,"Each children to kindergarten".
You can view the material on the link

News-Ovidiu Rom at Rosia -Stire ProTv despre Scoala Rosia

18.02.2011 - A website for the school from Rosia.

Do we have news? Yes, we do. We have a website that you are navigating right now, we have a new sports hall in Rosia for which we have to thank the mayoralty for help, we have a new cinema club were we can relax after class and watch quality films. On the 27th of January we saw the film “Der geköpfte Hahn - The Beheaded Cock” and with us we had the author of the book on which the movie was based – Father Eginald Schlattner.

On the 18th of February a regional meeting will take place in Rosia with the project team from Ovidiu Rom and the mayors and project coordinators from the schools of Sibiu county involved in the project “Every child in kindergarten 2010-2011”. Together with the project team of OvidiuRom, we are honored by the presence of Mrs. Leslie Hawke, Mrs. Assistant General Inspector Christine Manta Klemens and the writer Eginald Schlattner.

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