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School management
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School management

Rosia School is an 'investor in people' organisation. All staff are recognised as talented individuals that enable the School to succeed.
Many staff have been with the School for many years. Many of the staff have been here for over five years or longer.
All staff are encouraged to undertake Continuous Professional Development. Performance Management is carried out at all levels and is embedded in the organisation.
The School is an decent place to work.

Dr. Alexandru Dumbrava - Principal
Radu Bratu - Vice Principal


There are currently no vacancies available.

Employment information

Situated at 15 km from the city of Sibiu, former European Capital of Culture in 2007, Rosia School is based in Rosia, a commune with six villages:Rosia, Nou, Daia, Casolt,Cornatel and Nucet. All the children from those villages are learning in school units coordinated by Rosia School.
Rosia School is a diverse and multi–cultural community. Staff and students come from a wide variety of social, ethnic and religious backgrounds.
Rosia School aims to be an Equal Opportunities employer and it is our policy to recruit staff solely on merit, irrespective of ethnic origin, religious belief, sexual orientation, disability, gender or age.

Health and safety policy

Rosia School is committed to excellence in all aspects of its undertaking, including its management of Health & Safety at work.
Its general policy is to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the Health & Safety and welfare at work of its employees (whether permanent, temporary or contract) and the Health & Safety of any other persons who may be affected by its undertaking.
More specifically, it will ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that:
* machinery and work equipment are suitable for their intended purpose and are maintained in safe working order;
* safe storage is provided for all hazardous substances, they are used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and they are safely disposed of;
* the workplace and working environment are maintained in a safe condition with adequate heating, lighting and ventilation, and that suitable welfare facilities and first-aid arrangements are provided and maintained;
* suitable personal protective equipment is provided to eliminate or reduce risks of injury or ill-health where hazards and risks cannot be controlled by other means;
* all employees are adequately instructed, trained and supervised on the safe working practices to be followed.

Disability policy

The Administration Council from Rosia School is committed to promoting equality of opportunity and full participation for disabled applicants, staff and pupils. Disabled people have the right to equal access to courses, jobs, promotion and facilities offered through the Rosia School and an equal opportunity to work and learn and receive reasonable resources and adjustments to cater for their needs.
The Rosia School is working pro-actively to identify and eliminate all forms of disability discrimination and to continually improve services to ensure an inclusive environment. The institution is committed to developing training and guidance for staff to promote sensitivity and awareness of disability issues. We are also committed to providing equal access and reasonable adjustments for disabled people in order to increase their opportunities.
We recognises the value of a diverse staff and student population and will provide equality of opportunity for all disabled students and staff by:
* Taking effective action to prevent discrimination, bullying or harassment.
* Promoting equality of access for all staff to education, training and development.
* Providing flexible learning and working opportunities to support differing aspirations and goals.
* Promoting good practice in all activities such as recruitment, selection, promotion and curriculum practices.
* Listening to and involving disabled staff and students in the development of services.

Equality and Diversity policy

Rosia School is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive community which encourages all pupils and employees to fulfil their potential and which values individuals because of their differences.
We recognise the benefits to the organisation of drawing on a wide range of skills and experience from a variety of cultures and backgrounds. A diverse pupils body will promote innovation and creativity. A more balanced staff profile will visibly demonstrate to pupils and employees alike that we are committed to providing an environment that fosters equality of opportunity for all.
We also anticipate that pupils and employees will benefit from learning and working in an inclusive environment which allows them to contribute fully and effectively to the organisation.
Rosia School supports all aspects of equality, and in particular the six key strands of race, gender, disability, age, sexual orientation and religion or belief.
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